Brumaag is a minimal techno producer and DJ. His music is full of dark percussive content, experimental sounds, groove, and funk beats. Brumaag’s sound is influenced by the slopes and waves that rules the underground music scene.

Born in 1980 in Brazil, living now in France, Brumaag’s teenage years were not punctuated only by football but also through music. A friend introduced him to dance music, who also mentored him through basic mixing techniques and opened his mind to music of every shape style. Brumaag developed his skills while playing at different clubs in his hometown, and then proved himself as an unusual performer with an important residence in 2001 at one of the best clubs in Sao Paulo state. As a self-taught electronic music composer, he started to produce and became fascinated by the endless possibilities of sounds. Step by step he found his style that could be assigned to one of the subcategories of techno.

Brumaag’s production can be defined as contemporary minimal techno fused with instruments used in original Detroit techno. Using a combination of native software and hardware helps him to fully tap into areas he had not fully explored before. In performance, Brumaag is constantly creating a dark atmospheric mood for his audience with addictive, pulsating rhythms on the dance floor.

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